iPA Music System
400 Watt Powered Speaker for iPad
  • Two-way speaker system with 400 Watts of peak power
  • Fully integrated Universal Dock for iPad
  • Includes Alto Professional ADM10 dynamic mic, holder and 10-foot (3m) cable
  • Integrated mixer and high-efficiency power amp
  • 10-inch (254 mm) low frequency transducer for deep bass
  • Compact lightweight design for easy transport
  • 35 mm socket for mounting on a speaker stand
  • Designed and tuned in the USA
  • 30-pin dock also charges iPad
  • Contour switch instantly provides the perfect EQ for music playback and karaoke
  • RCA input for playback of iPod, CD players and other music devices
  • XLR-1/4" combo inputs with volume control
  • XLR output to add more speakers
  • 200 Watts of continuous power







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Get the Party Started With This Powerful and Portable Karaoke and Music Playback System for Your iPad

Your iPad has never sounded this good.

"…music sounds crisp and clear. In terms of output, this thing can boom- loud enough to fill a giant room and maybe a gymnasium, with clean bass and extremely solid vocals." -TrulyGadgets.com

The iPA Music System from Alto Professional is a powerful, portable loudspeaker with 400 Watts of power for amplifying your iPad apps, cranking up your iTunes library and singing karaoke like never before. Simply load your iPad into the iPA Music System dock, run your app of choice and crank up the volume. The iPA Music System's internal power amplifier takes care of the rest, filling your party, club, home or event with crystal clear music. With an included Alto Professional ADM10 cardioid microphone and 10' cable, you're ready to throw unforgettable karaoke parties. The iPA Music System even has a contour switch that instantly provides the perfect EQ settings for music playback and singing. You can even expand your iPA Music System and play your music in stereo by adding an additional speaker. 

Dock your iPad and rock the party with the iPA Music System from Alto Professional.


Dimensions (WxLxH): 20.2in x 13in x 12in
Weight: 23 lb

Frequently Asked Questions [+]

Will the iPA Music System charge my iPad?
Yes. With the iPA Music System plugged into a working power source, it will charge an iPad seated in the dock.
What can I connect to the iPA Music System?
The iPA Music System has a XLR-1/4 combo input and RCA inputs. This allows you to connect the following devices: • Microphones Connect to the iPA’s XLR-1/4” combo input. You can use an XLR-to-XLR cable (included) or an XLR-to-1/4” cable (not included). • CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray disc players Connect to the iPA’s RCA inputs (RCA cable sold separately). • MP3 Players, laptop computers, or tablets. Connect to the iPA’s RCA input (1/8”-to-RCA cable sold separately). • Instruments: Guitars, Drum machines, and keyboards, and more. Connect to the iPA’s ¼” input.
Can I use the RCA input and the XLR-1/4" combo input at the same time?
Yes. If using a disc player, please check to see if it has an adjustable output level before making the connection. Many units have ‘fixed’ output levels that are not adjustable and can be very loud. MP3 players have an adjustable output; set the level on the player to get the correct mix. (It is common practice to reduce the audio source’s volume completely prior to connection. After connection, increase it gradually to provide the iPA’s input with an optimum signal to work with. Do this before setting the iPA’s final volume level for your performance.
The fan in my speaker is not spinning, is something wrong? Should the fans in both of my speakers operate exactly the same?
The fan operates as needed to control the internal temperature of the amplifier. There are component tolerances which cause small variations from unit to unit. It is normal for a unit at room temperature to have the fan spin slowly, or not at all, or to stop and start. It is normal for this to vary slightly from unit to unit. It has no impact on the performance of the product.
What is the best iPad karaoke app for iPA?
We recommend using traditional Karaoke iPad apps that can display lyrics in portrait mode. “Karaoke Channel” and “Karaoke Free” are good apps to start with. Please Note: Apps that have features like recording, scoring, and effects processing may be used with the iPA Music system. However, those features are intended for use with the iPad’s built-in microphone. These features will not be used when your iPad is docked to the iPA Music System. Apps that feature recording, scoring, and effects are: • Glee • Sing Perfect
Why can’t I hear the digital effects in the iPad karaoke app?
The app’s digital effects are used with the iPad’s built-in microphone. The built-in mic isn’t used when connected to the iPA Music System.
Why do I hear feedback when singing karaoke?
Check the app’s settings and turn down or mute the internal microphone.
Why doesn’t ‘scoring’ (visualization of your pitch during karaoke performance) work when singing karaoke?
The app’s scoring is used with the iPad’s built-in microphone. The built-in mic isn’t used when connected to the iPA Music System.
What does the ‘Contour’ switch do?
The Contour switch is a built-in equalizer. When you press the switch, you will hear a boost in the bass and treble.
Can I connect the iPA to another powered speaker?
Yes. Use a standard XLR cable (not included) to connect the iPA’s output jack to the input of another powered speaker (e.g., the Alto Professional TS110A, TS112A, or TS115A).
What does the ‘Output Channel’ switch do?
This switch determines which stereo channel (Left or Right audio) is sent to the iPA’s MIX OUT audio output (i.e., to another Alto Professional speaker) and which stereo channel is heard in the iPA Music System (your "local" speaker): • LEFT: The left channel will be sent to your extension speaker. The right channel will be heard through the local speaker. • MONO: Both left and right channels will be summed and be sent to both your extension speaker and local speaker. • RIGHT: The right channel will be sent to your extension speaker. The left channel will be heard through the local speaker.



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