New Mixers Bring Unparalleled Pro Mixing, Effects and USB to Music Producers

Cumberland, R.I. (Jan. 13, 2011) – Alto Professional, the pinnacle of live performance reinforcement, announces the new ZEPHYR series of audio mixers.

The new ZEPHYR series is a comprehensive collection of live sound mixers designed to meet the wide range of needs for musicians and live sound engineers. Whether one is a singer-songwriter looking to mix themselves with backing tracks for their solo shows or a professional live sound engineer going out on a national tour with the latest indie-act, there’s a ZEPHYR mixer available to bring it all together. With six different models, ZEPHYR mixers offer multi-bus routing, on-board digital effects and integrated USB audio interfaces supplying convenient and modern options to this tried-and-true performance and production tool.

The ZMX52 is a small-format mixer with a surprising number of features. ZMX52’s eight overall inputs and five channels allow maximum mixing at a minimal price. The ZMX62 has a slightly bigger footprint than the ’52, but provides an extra channel, three more inputs and another bus to route signal to secondary monitors, a recording device or effects processor. ZMX82FX eliminates the need for external processing by offering on-board digital effects in addition to eight-channel, two-bus mixing. On-board effects can also be found on the 12-channel ZMX124FXU, 16-channel ZMX164FXU and 24-channel ZMX244FXU as well as a USB audio interface for direct connection to a computer for recording shows straight off the board. These large format mixers provide plenty of input channels and traditional four-bus operation to handle most gigs with ease.

“The ZEPHYR series has a mixer for anyone looking for a professional quality, cost effective hub for their live sound system,” said John McCune, Product Manager, Alto Professional. “From mixing one-person-acts to recording 12-piece bands, ZEPHYR mixers provide industrial-grade precision and modern features musicians, producers and engineers are looking for.”

ZEPHYR mixers will be available from music and pro audio retailers in Q1 2011.