All-in-One Sound Reinforcement Systems Provide Convenient, Performance Power and Sound for Musicians & Presenters.

Cumberland, R.I. (Jan. 13, 2011) – Alto Professional, the pinnacle of live performance reinforcement, announces the MIXPACK line of portable PA systems: MIXPACK Express, MIXPACK and MIXPACK Pro.

The MIXPACK line of sound reinforcement systems is ready at a moments notice to provide fantastic, convenient sound reinforcement for musicians and performers alike. The MIXPACK series’ all-in-one design allows for easy transportation and quick set-up. Speakers attach and detach easily from a central powered mixing chassis providing quick loading, set-up and striking. The MIXPACK line is perfect for those looking for a no-hassle portable PA system. Connect microphones, instruments, MP3 players or even computers to provide full, rich sound for music performances, gallery exhibitions, multimedia presentations or company parties. The MIXPACK line delivers true audio problem solving in three convenient choices.

MIXPACK Express provides the most affordable option in the MIXPACK series by providing 350 watt speaker amplification of up to 6 channels of audio. Perfect for coffee houses or smaller band performances, MIXPACK Express brings all the elements together for a convenient, simple PA system.

MIXPACK provides powerful, full sound with 600 watts of amplification to a three-way speaker system including 12” sub-woofer for impressive, low frequency reproduction. Experience full-spectrum sound through Alto Professional’s accurate, powerful speakers. Perfect for musicians needing great on-stage sound, MIXPACK provides exceptional performance at an unbeatable value.

MIXPACK Pro packs an incredible amount of power in a portable, all-in-on package. With up to ten inputs, 15” sub-woofer and 1000 watts of power, MIXPACK Pro is the ultimate option for those looking for impressive portable sound. The three-way speaker system delivers deep, rich lows from the sub-woofer, along with smooth mid-range and wide-open highs. With MIXPACK Pro, no venue or event will be without great-sounding, impactful audio.

“Any MIXPACK PA takes the guess-work and hassle out of great live-sound,” said Jonathan McCune, Product Manager, Alto Professional. “The convenience of the MIXPACK PA’s all-in-one portable design with three different power options ensures there is a solution for everyone.”

The MIXPACK collection will be available from music and pro audio retailers in Q1 2011.