More Power

ALTO Professional Kick amps incorporate modern Class D digital amplifier circuitry to give you massive wattage in astonishingly lightweight enclosures. Use it as a keyboard amp, drum monitor, electronic percussion amplifier or even as PA system for small to medium-sized gigs. Kick series amplifiers are fine-tuned performance-ready machines. Their true bi-amped designs pump dedicated power to the LF woofers and HF compression drivers, so both drivers get exactly the power they need to make your performance shine. You hear every note, clean and crystal clear.

Better Components

In Kick amps, every component has been optimized for maximum performance, giving you a powerful amplifier that is authoritative, detailed and lightweight, and has everything you need without any unnecessary complication. Each Kick amp employs a handpicked, custom-tuned crossover that splits your signal with razor-sharp precision and doesn't get in the way. Even the speaker baffle has been designed to direct your sound with precision, holding both the woofer and tweeter at a slight upward angle to accomplish the best throw.

Built-In Alesis® DSP

Kick amps come packed with 16 professional effects from Alesis, the acknowledged leader in world-class electronic music products, including delay, flanger, chorus and multiple reverbs. Each effect has 16 different variations, giving you a total of 256 effect presets to choose from. FX Level controls are located on all four channels, allowing you to dial in just the right amount of effect on each.