24 Bit Automatic Feedback Killer

Never happened in the middle of your best performance to get into trouble for annoying feedback problems? Yes or no!? From now on, you can forget about this possibility and situation!

▲LTO TERMINATOR II, the ultimate digital anti-feedback processor will make your performance and lift easier.

Easy and intuitive interface, compact and discrete size, advanced and accurate filters give TERMINATOR II the real and only identity of Feedback Killer!

Finally a digital feedback terminator that works, is acoustically invisible and it is also easy to operate. TERMINATOR II includes 24 filters × channel (two channels). The pitch of each filter varies from 1/70 to 1/84 of an octave. They are so sharp and so accurate that only the feedback content is taken away, while the acoustic content is not modified at all. The user interface is the most intuitive including only an on/off switch and a music/speech
selector for each channel.

All information is preliminary and subject to change.