TOURMAX SXA18P Subwoofer Connector Hardware

Securely Lock Your SXA18P Subwoofers Together

The SXA SUB HD Subwoofer Connector is the hardware you need to equip your TOURMAX SXA18P subwoofer for suspension or ground level line array speaker configurations. This durable hardware connects easily to your SXA18P subwoofer via the sub's built-in rigging points, and each SXA SUB HD Subwoofer Connector has security pins for added safety and quick release buttons for easy breakdown and adjustment.

To connect your SXA18P subwoofer to your SXA28P speakers, combine the SXA SUB HD Subwoofer Connector with the SXA SAT HD* Speaker Connector.
To suspend your entire TOURMAX line array system, combine the SXA SUB HD Subwoofer Connector and SXA SAT HD* Speaker Connectors with the SXA FB-1 Line Array Flybar**.


*SXA SAT HD Subwoofer Connector Hardware sold separately.
**SXA FB-1 Line Array Flybar sold separately.
PIctured stand not included.

All information is preliminary and subject to change.


  • Securely fastens multiple SXA18P subwoofers together
  • Connects to SXA FB-1* Line Array Flybar to suspend speakers
  • Connects to SXA SAT HD** Speaker Connector Hardware to fasten subwoofer to SXA28P speakers
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Security pins for added safety
  • Quick release buttons on each pin for quick breakdown and adjustment
  • Includes two SXA SUB HD Connectors, one for each side of the subwoofer