Mono UHF XLR Wireless System

Wireless Wherever You Need It

Stealth 1 is the portable UHF mono wireless system that every live sound engineer needs in their arsenal. With Stealth 1 any XLR connection can quickly and easily become a wireless one – mixers, powered speakers, outboard gear, and even dynamic microphones.

Stealth 1 has a feature set that ensures your needs are covered. With a range of up to 100+ft (line of sight), you have the freedom to roam cable-free. With 16 selectable UHF channels, you can avoid pesky interference. And with unlimited running time via USB and 4+ hours of running time using a single AA battery you can count on Stealth 1 to last through your entire set.

All information is preliminary and subject to change.


  • 16 Selectable UHF channels
  • 4+ hour run time using a single AA battery
  • 100+ ft. range (line of sight)
  • Power via USB for unlimited run time
  • Mic and line level signal compatibility
  • Single-frequency mono operation
  • Versatile, compact, and convenient