Way, Passive or Bi-Amp, With a Total of Four Speakers Device

REVO is a compact line array for fixed installation or rental company, the system is optimized for short or medium-throw, can be to install in indoor or outdoor space, as stereo system, mono center, or as delayed tower. Revo combine quick set up, with a coverage of 7.5° Vertical and 100° Horizontal and a maximum tilt capability of 20°/0°/20°.

The suggested configurations included 2 × SUB118SP usable from 37Hz at 180Hz, plus 4 × SAT208P usable from 77Hz at 18kHz, one MAXIDRIVE 3.4 Digital Processor that included the factory presets and freedom memory for custom presets.

The four ▲LTO class D power amplifier 4pcs D4 delivery 12000Watt of clean and undistorded power for a pair of REVO line array in stereo configuration.

All information is preliminary and subject to change.