2-Way 12" Active Speaker Plastic Cabinets

PS series presents complete line of PA cabinets made of strong and durable polypropylene. With models from 8" to 15" and real compression drivers across the line, ▲LTO PS range really offers options for a large numbers of Users from low power conference systems to large Live performances. Great attention has been put in details: All models feature trapezoid shape to facilitate the use as floor monitor and several fly points on bottom, top, side and back are provided for any possible fly configuration.

Surprisingly, ▲LTO also introduce 12" and 15" 2 way models with a sophisticated 40 bit DSP built in. Look at the block schematics below and see the amazing flexibility offered by our DSP when compared to a traditional Xover circuit: Our PS4HA and PS5HA models include digital hum cancel, noise gate, multiband dynamic processor, 6 to 48dB Xover, speaker alignment and 20 bands of parametric equalizer (10 for woofer and 10 for tweeter)

The amazing flexibility of our DSP even allowed us to create 3 different preset sound in our top model PS5HA: LIVE with key frequencies emphasized for the best sound reproduction in a live situation. STUDIO, with an astonishing flat frequency response. SUBWOOFER mode, to be used when the unit is connected to an external subwoofer.

All information is preliminary and subject to change.