8" 2-Way Bi-Amp Modelling Speaker Monitors

A quite innovative range of multi-purpose monitors complete the MS line. Available both in passive and active configurations the MS Monitors present some features that until now have been available only in models costing 5 times the price. They make use of reliabl e yet lightweight coax transducers for a perfect coherent response. They include a compression driver with neodymium magnet assembly. The size is particularly contained to make these Monitors at home with the small stages available in local pubs and bars. Despite their dimensions the MS Monitors deliver an impressive SPL thanks to the built in 420 watt switch-mode power amplifier (MS10A and MS12A). And since we wanted to make them truly "multipurpose" we have included a 16 position speaker modeller with sound models particularly thought for the use on stage and for many other applications.  

All information is preliminary and subject to change.