8" 2-Way Active Speaker Cabinet, 16 Preset Modlling Digital Power Amp. Module

The MS powered speaker cabinets include some quite exclusive innovations such as switch mode power supply and digital power circuitry (in selected models) that make them the lightest powered cabinets of this kind ever made. The small and compact Stage Monitor models are presented with an ultra-dynamic 420 watt amplifier built in while the top model MS 154A includes a digital amplifier able to deliver 1500 watt of power. Both the Stage Monitors and the Full Range models includes another ▲LTO innovation: The MODELLER. Thanks to this circuitry User can select 16 different "sound models" for different taste and Applications. The ▲LTO Modeller offers sound presets especially thought for application with or without subwoofer, for Voice optimised applications, for Disco Music, for Jazz, for Rock & Roll among others.

All information is preliminary and subject to change.