12" Passive Subwoofer Speaker Cabinet

We're proud to introduce our first series of passive loudspeakers, sharing the same speakers technology that made our active speakers worldwide known as reference products. All this series MDF heavy-duty cabinets include our own high quality speakers. In order to adapt their smooth frequency response to each ambient and musical application, we designed the user-friendly Ms1external controller with 16 modelling presets to allow you to achieve the best sonic performances.

Each pair of MS cabinets comes with a stereo MS1 Modeller. Because you are going to use them in a small Club for your duo gigs. Or in a bigger Club with the addition of one or more MS subwoofer. Or outdoor for a small Disco Party. Or on a big stage as side-fill monitors. Or in your local church on the Sunday. And you will use it for rock & roll but you will also use it for Jazz, for Blues and for acoustic instruments in general or you may want to dedicate them for vocals in particularly. Yes, many different environments and many different styles of music and only ▲LTO can give you the flexibility to fulfil all your taste and needs with the same pair of speaker enclosures. Just connect the MS1 in between the mixer and the power amplifier and play with the big knob on the front panel that will give you 16 different Speaker models? Yes, a speaker enclosure with the sound of 16 different ones.   

All information is preliminary and subject to change.