6-Channel 2-Bus Mixer with DSP

An ▲lto classic. Produced in hundreds of thousands of pieces they are the companions of happy musicians and studio engineers around the world. As with all ▲LTO products we have decided to pack as many features as possible in these yet compact mixers. The small L-6 and L-8 include three bands EQ and a powerful DSP. In the L-6, the controls for the effects and the reverb are separate for maximum flexibility. In the L-8, the DSP includes 256 different programs The remaining models feature outstanding MIC preamplifiers musical and noiseless three band EQ with mid-sweep, 2 AUX for effects, 2 AUX for monitor, 4 subgroups, stereo return gain control, 9 bands master EQ and 256 programs DSP unit built in.

All information is preliminary and subject to change.