2 x 7 Band Digital Equalizer

Finally a complete line of digital equalizers you can employ as you would as your traditional analogue EQs. Simply activate the band you want to operate and create your own sounds. You can see the result of your changes on the LED display of the DIGAN equalizer instantly. So what makes our DIGAN equalizers unique? The convenience of a USB port and the availability of a user friendly Windows PC Editor. With the DIGAN SERIES you can edit your mix from your laptop and save your settings in one of the many resident memory cells. DIGAN models also include a powerful dynamic processor with editable memory via PC. A sophisticated software editor(s) for this series is available for download at: www.altoproaudio.com

The DIGAN 2.7 is the most versatile digital EQ ever made in a half-rack chassis! Our ▲LTO Engineers designed a 100 dB Codec for increased dynamic range and optimal signal to noise ratio. The Digan 2.7 can be a 7 - band stereo equalizer, a 7 - band stereo parametric equalizer and a powerful dynamic processor all at the same time. The user interface is intuitive, immediate and utilizes a USB interface which also provides editing capabilities. All DIGAN 2.7 parameters are editable via PC through a user friendly computer interface.

All information is preliminary and subject to change.