TOURMAX Passive Loudspeakers and Subwoofers Now Shipping From Alto Professional

New passive loudspeakers and subwoofers in Alto Professional’s TOURMAX series are now shipping to pro audio retailers.

Cumberland, R.I. (Sept. 29, 2011) – Alto Professional, the source for live performance reinforcement, announces that the TOURMAX SX112, SX115, SX215 passive loudspeakers, SXM112A stage monitor, and SXSUB 15 and SXSUB 18 passive subwoofers are now shipping to pro audio retailers.

The TOURMAX SX112, SX115 and SX215 passive loudspeakers each feature precision-engineered low frequency drivers and 1” high frequency drivers. Each Baltic Birch TOURMAX cabinet has recessed handles, full-length metal grills and is ruggedized with a black textured finish that is scratch and dent resistant, making them perfect for use on stage and on tour. Their trapezoidal design greatly decreases the resonance in the cabinet for more accurate sound reproduction.

The TOURMAX SXM112A active stage monitor houses a powerful Class D, 800-Watt bi-amplified system, 12” LF driver and 1” HF driver. The SXM112A is perfectly suited for use as a wedge monitor on stage, but is also pole-mountable, making it perfect for a variety of other applications such as side fill, drum or keyboard monitor, main speaker, etc. With a built-in modeling effects unit, users are able to choose from 16 presets that adapt the SXM112A’s sonic characteristics to the varying tastes of vocalists, guitar players, pianists, drummers and sound engineers.

The TOURMAX SXSUB18 and SXSUB15 are passive subwoofer systems offering a massive 18" LF driver and large 15" LF driver respectively with 1600 Watts of peak power and 3" voice coils. The frequency range and crossover of the TOURMAX SXSUB18 and SXSUB15 have been specifically tailored to provide smooth, low-end sound production in the 35 Hz - 200 Hz range. Both are housed in rugged, compact, 18 mm Baltic Birch cabinets with durable metal handles.

“The TOURMAX series of live sound speakers is a great representation of what Alto Professional is all about,” said Jay Schlabs, Executive Director of Alto Professional. “They’re work horses, built to last, and made to deliver uncompromising clarity and powerful sound at every venue.”