New pro mixers for live sound applications arrive this month in stores and include 5-channel, 6-channel and 8-channel models.

Alto Professional, the pinnacle of live performance reinforcement and live sound mixing, announces the immediate availability of three new live sound mixer products, the ZEPHYR ZMX52, ZMX862 and ZMX122FX. These new compact mixers are the first to ship from Alto Professional since its acquisition earlier this year by Numark Industries.

The new ZEPHYR ZMX series is a comprehensive collection of live sound mixers designed to meet the wide range of needs for musicians and live sound engineers. Whether it’s a singer-songwriter looking to mix themselves with backing tracks for solo performances or a small band working their way up through local gigs, there’s a ZEPHYR ZMX mixer available to bring it all together. Three different ZEPHYR ZMX mixers are arriving in stores now, and each offers discrete mic preamps, EQ and phantom power.

The ZMX52 is a small-format live sound mixer with a surprising number of features. ZMX52’s eight overall inputs, 2-band EQ and five channels allow maximum mixing at a minimal price. The ZMX862 has a slightly bigger footprint than the ZMX52, but provides six channels, eight inputs, 3-band EQ and two pre-channel Aux sends for external effects and monitoring. The ZMX122FX is an 8-channel mixer with 12 total inputs, 3-band EQ and two Aux sends. The ZMX122FX also eliminates the need for external processing by offering on-board digital effects from Alesis, a leader in DSP technology for musicians for nearly 30 years.

“The ZEPHYR ZMX series really packs in more live sound mixing features than you might expect from mixers this size,” said Kurt Heiden, Marketing Manager, Alto Professional. “Musicians or anyone else needing a compact live sound mixer can finally get an incredible amount of useful tools with crystal-clear reproduction in one box without spending a fortune.”

ZEPHYR ZMX mixers are available now from music and pro audio retailers for a U.S. estimated street price of $49 (ZMX52), $69 (ZMX862) and $119 (ZMX122FX).