New family of powered loudspeakers deliver nearly double the power of their best-selling predecessors, boast all-new LF and HF transducers, along with greatly improved user interface.

Cumberland, RI USA (May 1, 2018)—Alto Professional (, the world’s leading innovator for live performance reinforcement products, today announced the introduction of its new Truesonic TS3 series of professional powered loudspeakers. Building on the overwhelming success of Alto Professional’s TS2 Series, the new TS3s boast significantly more powerful amplification (2000 watts vs. 1100) and all-new low-frequency and high-frequency drivers, for greater power-handling, greater output capability and smoother, more accurate response. In addition, the new speakers boast an updated control panel with clearer control indications and rotary detent positions that make for a faster, more precise setup.

There are four models in the new TS3 range: The TS308, TS310, TS312 and TS315, with 8-10-12- and 15-inch woofers respectively. The range shares a new 2000-watt peak (1000-watt continuous) amplifier, a significant advance over the 1100-watt peak (550-watt continuous) amplifiers in the TS2.

The four models boast all-new low-frequency drivers, designed to play louder and handle more power than their already-impressive predecessors in the TS2 Series. They also have a new horn-loaded high-frequency driver. This impressive transducer has a brand-new heat sink design that provides exceptional heat dissipation for impressive power-handling, even at all-night-long concert levels. Because these new drivers can safely handle the additional power, the TS3’s take full advantage of the increased wattage and will play at higher SPLs with lower distortion.

Of particular interest and utility is the optional wall-mount bracket. This durable steel bracket enables both vertical and horizontal positioning, has a matching powder-coated finish and 15-degree rotational locking points for fine tuning the speaker’s positioning.

TS3 Details:

  • 8-, 10-,12- or 15-inch LF driver
  • 2.5-inch high-temperature voice coil on 308, 310; 3-inch voice coil on 312, 315
  • New 1-inch neodymium HF driver with precision waveguide
  • 1000W continuous, 2000W peak Class D power
  • Bi-amplified design with precision active crossover and EQ
  • Integrated 2-channel mixer with dual XLR 1/4-inch combo mic/line inputs and independent level controls
  • XLR Link output
  • Ground-Lift switch
  • Contour switch for increased EQ control
  • Electronic clip, thermal and transducer overdrive protection
  • Compact, lightweight, trapezoidal cabinet design for easy transport and installation
  • Angled rear panel for wedge monitor applications
  • Stand and pole-mountable with integral M10 suspension points
  • Detent position on rotary controls for precise, repeatable settings
  • Designed and tuned in the USA
  • Optional wall-mount bracket available

"Alto Professional’s TS2 series of powered speakers met with incredible success and became an instant best-seller," said Pyotr Belov, Product Manager for Alto Professional. "This new TS3 Series builds on that success by improving every single aspect of our TS2’s performance—more power, higher power-handling, louder SPLs with less distortion and easier connection and control. The new TS3’s exemplify what we mean by Expectations. Exceeded."

The TS3 Series is available now.

U.S. retail prices are as follows:
TS308—$229 ea.
TS310—$249 ea.
TS312—$299 ea.
TS315—$349 ea.

Wall-mount brackets are available for $129 ea.


About Alto Professional
Established in 2000, Alto Professional manufactures a full line of world-class Live Performance Reinforcement equipment. Using modern manufacturing techniques, cutting-edge DSP technology, and sophisticated design, Alto Professional’s products are precision-engineered to provide both exceptional performance and exceptional value for performing musicians and live sound engineers. Alto Professional is a member of the premier family of brands known as inMusic.