New Kick12 and Kick15 instrument amps combine cutting-edge technology and handpicked components with massive wattage.

Cumberland, R.I. (April 10, 2013)—Alto Professional, the source for live performance reinforcement, introduces the Kick12 and Kick15 four-channel 400-Watt instrument amplifier/PA systems.

The Kick12 and Kick15 each represent a new and more powerful amplifier design for keyboardists, electronic drummers, and anyone in need of a personal PA. Both feature class-leading wattage, a true bi-amped design, a custom-tuned electronic crossover, and an integrated four-channel mixer with built-in Alesis DSPeffects. Every component has been optimized for maximum efficiency, giving keyboardists a choice between two modern amplifiers that sound amazing, are lightweight, and are built to reliably perform at the highest level, gig after gig.

“We felt the keyboard amp category was being neglected,” said Paul Gallo, Alto Professional Product Manager. “So we set out to create an outstanding keyboard/instrument amp from scratch. By combining select components and modern technology, we created a series of amps that offer the in-demand features and superior sound today’s musicians demand. With the Kick12 and Kick15, people will hear the difference immediately.”

Unlike competing products that recycle the same outdated technology, the Kick12 and Kick15 each incorporate modern circuitry. Their true bi-amped designs provide 400 Watts of peak power. The Kick12 and Kick15 are both multifunctional amplifier systems, able to be used in a wide variety of applications. Both offer a four-channel mixer with stereo line inputs, effects, high and low EQ controls on all four channels, and an XLR input on Channel 1. Stereo RCA inputs for connecting MP3 players and other audio devices are also included. The Kick12 and Kick15 each employ a custom-designed and tuned crossover that splits the incoming signal with razor-sharp precision—no highs to overwork the woofer, and no lows get lost in the tweeter. A kickstand on the back of the cabinet also allows the amp to be placed at an angle to allow for the best monitoring position when the user is seated at a keyboard or drum kit.

The Kick12 and Kick15 come packed with 16 essential Alesis DSP effects, including delay, flanger, chorus, and multiple reverbs. Each effect has 16 different variations, giving musicians a total of 256 effect presets to choose from. A footswitch input allows for instant activation or bypass of effects during performances (footswitch optional). Alto Professional will be exhibiting at Hall 5.1, Booth B45 during the 2013 Musikmesse, April 10-13, in Frankfurt, Germany.