New Line of Active Speakers Offers Quality, Affordable Live Performance Reinforcement.

Cumberland, R.I. (Jan. 13, 2011) – Alto Professional, the pinnacle of live performance reinforcement, announces the new TRUESONIC and TRUESONIC PRO line of powered speakers. Alto Professional’s TRUESONIC powered speakers provide musicians and live sound engineers exceptionally clean, transparent sound at a previously unheard of value. Whether used in a permanent sound reinforcement installation or as a part of a portable PA solution, TRUESONIC stands apart from the competition due to its uncompromized accuracy and watt-per-dollar ratio. Where some speakers may color the incoming signal to emphasize certain ranges for initial effect, TRUESONIC has been designed to ensure that the speaker’s output remains completely true to the original source. The TRUSEONIC line enlists an ultra-pure signal path and amplification to deliver precise reproduction of deep lows, crystal-clear high-end and smooth mid-range to ensure that what goes in is what comes out. TRUESONIC active speakers are available in both two-way 12” and 15” sizes at 400 watts of continuous, class D power. Alternately, TRUESONIC passive speakers are also available in two-way 12” and 15” sizes with 200W Continuous, 400W Program, 800W Peak for the 12” speaker and 250W Continuous, 500W Program, 1000W Peak for the 15” speaker. TRUESONIC PRO offers even more power and longer throw with neodymium woofers, 1.75” HF drivers and DSP employed meticulously to ensure accurate sound reproduction. TRUESONIC PRO supplies 500 watts of continuous class D power to either 12” or 15” active two-way speakers. TRUESONIC PRO also offers both active 15” and 18” sub-woofers with 600 watts of digital power for adding ultimate low-end into the audio equation. “TRUESONIC delivers uncompromised accuracy in an incredibly affordable package,” said Jonathan McCune, Product Manager, Alto Professional. “For virtually any sound reinforcement application, TRUESONIC’s clarity, power and price make it the loudspeaker to beat.” TRUESONIC and TRUESONIC PRO speakers will be available from music and pro audio retailers in Q1 2011.