Alto Professional’s Premier Loudspeakers

ALTO Black Series

Sound Quality

Open. Clear. Wow.

It takes just a fraction of a second to appreciate the effortless clarity of Alto Professional’s premier loudspeaker series. The entire frequency range is uninhibited, providing impressive dynamics and transient attacks from any genre of music. Bass instruments are full and muscular. Vocals? Distinct and precise. Guitars are rich and energetic. Percussion is punchy and authentic. Even today’s complex, multi-layer music is reproduced with grace and nuance at any volume from cocktail party to the full-throttle marquee act.

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Massive Power

2400 Watts

Designed and tuned in the USA, each Black Series speaker contains 2400 watts of massive power. Designed from a clean sheet of paper to exacting standards with purpose-matched components, Black loudspeakers provide jaw-dropping sound without even breaking a sweat. Each loudspeaker is optimized with a 90° x 60° coverage field, a computer-designed high-frequency waveguide, a DSP-controlled active crossover, and dynamic thermal protection. When you need that extra boost, Black delivers.


Built For Everything

Able to adapt to any situation, each Black loudspeaker features a built-in mixer with a variety of inputs and outputs. The cabinets are scratch-resistant, fronted with a powder-coated grille, and ready for anything from high-end club installations and gigging bands to corporate AV and mobile DJs—even their rubber feet are reinforced with steel. Hang them via the integrated M10 rigging points. Use them as floor wedge monitors. Or simply mount them via the built-in pole sockets. Use the free Live Drive app to obtain even greater capability when its showtime and the pressure is on.

“…their high power, smooth response and wireless control set these apart from the rest — definitely!” - Front of House

Black Series Lineup

  • Black Series 110

    10" 2-Way 2400 Watt Loudspeaker With Wireless Connectivity

  • Black Series 112

    12" 2-Way 2400 Watt Loudspeaker With Wireless Connectivity

  • Black Series 115

    15" 2-Way 2400 Watt Loudspeaker With Wireless Connectivity

  • Black Series 115 Sub

    2400 Watt 15" Active Subwoofer With Wireless Connectivity

  • Black Series 118 Sub

    2400 Watt 18" Active Subwoofer With Wireless Connectivity